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Fixed-fee conveyancing.

Our fees are fixed on the basis that your transaction remains straightforward. Our fee includes out of pocket expenses and GST for sales and purchases up to $1.5 million.

Fees for transactions which require additional services (such as guarantees) or for transactions over $1.5 million will need to be discussed and agreed with you prior to accepting instructions.  If purchasing in the name of a Trust or Company or a share ownership then additional fees will apply.

No Mortgage:        $1,500.00
With a Mortgage:   $1,850.00


No mortgage:        $1,800.00
With a mortgage:   $2,100.00

Second/Additional mortgage:    $500.00

3rd tier lending:      Time and Attendance (to be discussed with your Swift rep)


$1,500.00 (one release one new mortgage)

Discharge of Mortgage

No repayment required    $500.00

Repayment required         $500.00


Matter does not proceed    $350.00



KiwiSaver (per applicant)                $150.00

First Home Grant (per applicant)   $300.00

Trust - Normal Trust                         $400.00

Trust - Trustee Company Add-on   $100.00

Company                                          $300.00


Our payment policy for our fees is payment either from the proceeds of your sale or before settlement. For purchase and refinancing transactions payment of out of pocket expenses is required upon receipt of your instructions to act on your behalf.

Effective for clients engaged after 11 January 2023

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